The year is 2020 and I am so excited that I turn 31 in August. The previous year had mixed reactions for me and I was looking forward to its end. It is the year that I almost got married. It is also the year that I finally moved from the job I had done for 5 years, only to lose the new job due to “abrupt restructuring and funding issues”. The year ended on a low for me.

Fast forward to 2020 and I was very hopeful and optimistic. I had quite a number of plans, securing a new job, purchasing a land, getting married. I submitted countless applications and forwarded my resume to many friends and relatives. I even volunteered In an Organization while waiting for ‘my time’. During this time I got broke and very broke and I reached my rock bottom. Things then started happening. A few friends called me to check on me and to give a few updates, a few companies gave me a call to inform me that I wasn’t picked for the position. I got the occasional good news call inviting me for an interview or interviewing me on the phone or online.

Things were still in the kitchen cooking. My life was being re-cooked and I was waiting for a pleasant aroma and awesome taste. As this was happening, the world was getting to a standstill and everything was crumbling. Economies were crumbling, people were dying, racism was resurfacing stronger than before, jobs were being lost and Presidents were getting clueless every single passing day. A new virus- COVID–19 had just taken over the world after its birth in Wuhan-China.

The entire world was at its mercy such that the only safe place was inside the houses. People could not have a handshake, flights were grounded, people could not go to churches or mosques, people had to sit at least a meter away from each other, and people had masks on, almost for over 8 hours a day. Scientists and herbalists were working overtime to get a remedy, people were no longer going to work and some were sleeping hungry. Everybody from World leaders, Religious leaders to celebrities was waiting for this to end. 2020 is a Dark Year.

We will survive